Project Utilities Management

Taqadum Al-Iraq Real Estate is a well-established and experienced company and one of the world’s leading property management services companies. Thus, they are fully qualified to represent their customers at all levels and stages of the market. For example, from the economic feasibility stage to leasing, sales and successful management of real estate. Knowledge grants authority and is absolutely required for successful consultants. Our successful consultancy builds on a sound knowledge base accumulated by highly qualified staff and is globally linked by high-speed IT systems. Moreover, integrated business ethics, accurate knowledge and experience report analysis are also the keys we have to make successful and accurate business decisions. To ensure the sustainability of the services provided by the project with the same level of efficiency and performance, Amwaj International contracted with the Iraqi company “Taqadum Al-Iraq”, a specialist in the field of real estate development and the world leader in quality and performance, to manage the project for 25 years after the completion of construction works, to provide the utmost care :
Security and protection.
Electricity supply regulation.
Regulate water supply.
Property and Facilities Management.
Hygiene and environmental care.
Administrative facilities and facilities management.
Daily, periodic and preventive maintenance.
24-hour maintenance service in an office located in the project.