Project Facilities

International School:

The education system provided by the International School in Baghdad provides students with the opportunity to learn, making the most of their time and effort. They are also assisted in achieving their full potential in practice. This goal is not only achieved by outstanding students, but also by ordinary students. Choueifat International School in Baghdad is known for providing quality education to a very diverse group of students.

The school construction has started already and it’s set to be opened in 2020.


In addition to the features of the project, the largest water city in Baghdad and Iraq will be built within the project, to increase the welfare of its residents.


Image result for HospitalThe hospital in the Iraq Gate Project is a leading medical edifice at the highest level with its potential in terms of design, construction, financing, management, and operation. The specialized hospital at Iraq Gate will be one of the most comprehensive hospitals in Iraq, providing the latest medical equipment and technologies in an interactive work environment led by experienced managers combining medical skills and management expertise to provide a comprehensive and integrated medical service reliable by qualified medical and technical staff With international and Iraqi experiences. The hospital will ensure a comfortable atmosphere in which everything is important and requires the patient and the visitor from the distinctive hospitality and medical services to be the edifice of the hospital race out of the traditional framework known in the field of health care to the globalism and excellence.

Social Park:

Image result for social parkIraq Gate project includes a distinct social club that includes sports stadiums for many sports, swimming pools, green spaces and places to hold barbecues and spend the most enjoyable times with family and friends.