Exclusive Sales Agent:

One of the priorities of Iraq Real Estate Company is to advance the real estate progress by improving and guaranteeing the buying and leasing operations and managing the properties and presenting them systematically to customers through our smart network supported by consultants and real estate.We work to be one of the most important names in the market and to be the best with what we do.
– Our Services
* Real Estate Consultancy:
The progress of Iraq has global experience and professionalism in the field of real estate and real estate services, where the team of progress of Iraq has sufficient experience to provide real estate services at all levels and market needs .. (DSS).
Our goal: To be ethical work and the right vision of analysts specialized in the real estate market, which is the key to our success to make accurate and sensitive decisions in the work, we provide our consulting services in accordance with international standards, including:
– Market condition
– Division and market analysis
– General planning of the market situation
– Sales strategy and pricing
– Marketing advice
– Management solutions for real estate projects
– Study the optimal use of the drug
– Division and real estate planning
– Acquisition solutions

Consultant and Architectural Design:

Consolidated Consultants (CC) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm in the field of architecture,

planning and engineering, a company is known for its expertise in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.
We have been working in the field of engineering since (1960) where we have a proven track record of completed projects that have achieved the appreciation of many national, regional and international bodies and from the highest levels.
With over 600 architects, engineers and specialists, our work experience cover a wide range of consultancy services such as but not limited to urban planning, buildings and architecture, roads and bridges, traffic and transport, maritime navigation, water resources, distribution networks, and sanitation projects. , Waste management, water treatment, wastewater treatment, dams, hydrological analysis, and hydraulic installations, environmental impact assessment and traffic impact studies.

– Management solutions for real estate projects
– Study the optimal use of the drug
– Division and real estate planning
– Acquisition solutions

Construction contractor:

ALMACO was established as a general contracting company based in Dubai at the beginning of 2003, and within a short period the company was able to prove its ability to work quantitative and qualitative engineering through its specialization in the work of integrative character
The company is now one of the leading companies in the field of construction and is one of the most important companies operating in the Middle East in general and ranked first in the classification of companies in several countries in the Middle East, it is a company specialized in the construction of projects (industrial projects, hospitals, schools, residential complexes, hotels The company employs more than 7000 employees in all fields and distributes in all its projects and locations in the Middle East.
The company recognized the importance of applying the modern foundations in project management and achieving control over all the quality of the projects and all the resulting activities that increase the efficiency of technical and economic performance. Its large capacity to utilize the technical and material potentials methodically and cumulatively is reflected in the steady growth of its technical and material capabilities as it has been implementing projects that were exclusive to renowned regional and international companies. The company now owns more than 1500 general and specialized machines and equipment including Drilling machines for large-diameter substrates, piling machines for pre-cast substrates, concrete mixers, transport fleet, advanced substrate inspection system, a group of cranes of all sizes Alamo is one of the leading companies in this The company is working systematically and scientifically to implement a healthy strategy in this regard in the field of the use of sound materials and the application of modern correct mechanisms in the work of burial and disposal of civil works waste, and the company applies the highest international standards of industrial and professional safety to its employees and keen to equip them with all equipment Which beliefs in their safety and the safety of work.

Engineering Supervision:

DSC International is an international consulting and engineering office that has been working for over 30 years in Africa and the Middle East.
DSC International offers a full range of planning, design and supervision services that meet the objectives and needs of our customers and our expertise and creativity in the field of work provide us with intelligent design that achieves the best harmony with the surrounding environment while making the most of the time and cost element. DSC International also provides for each project a variety of services, ranging from urban planning, architectural and structural design, electromechanical designs to interior design work for decoration, brushes, site coordination and completion of project supervision and management. All these services are provided by DSC International based on professional teams working with them and enjoying distinctive and creative experiences. DSC International has earned a good reputation among outstanding customers resulting in winning the trust of our customers.
Our mission: To provide the best engineering services conforming to the highest international standards to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Our Commitment: Responsibility and attention to detail and quality of designs have led to long-term relationships with our customers.