About Us

Iraq Gate residential complex project, consist of apartment blocks 49 units, open car parking lot for the users, commercial and service building; including (pump stations, water tanks, generator units, etc….), shopping center, police station, school and hospital in addition to landscaping areas and playgrounds.

Residential zone occupied the upper side of the site; the distribution of the apartment block covered this zone in addition to landscape area (plaza) at the center between the apartment’s blocks, and surface parking to serve these blocks.

The site of the project is located in the center of Bagdad, and near the green zone, also you can find congress hall on the west side, railway station in the north- west, and Al Zawraa Park on the south-west side.


Specification & Finishes

A high level of international standards and specifications that have been adopted for the various phases of the project, starting from architectural designs and ending with finishing the apartments.

Utilities & Services

The project raises the standards of daily life for its residents through the value-added services and multiple facilities it provides, including security and safety, advanced systems in addition to services such as water and electricity.

Project Utilities Management

Iraq Gate Project Services is managed by Taqadum Al-Iraq Real Estate Company, a company with experience as it is one of the leading international companies in the field of real estate services management

Project Facilities

The Iraq Gate project contains many facilities that benefit its residents, such as the Private Hospital, International School, Aqua Park, and Social Club, in addition to many other facilities.


Choose your apartment from a wide range of housing units with different sizes to suit different tastes

Empire Buildings

The building consists of 17 floors Each floor consists of 5 apartments and with different areas

Royal Tower

The building consists of 17 floors Each floor consists of 5 apartments and with different areas